Dear June



Thank you for…

(1) Showing off for our out-of-town guests during a perfectly timed cable car ride over the Thames. (2) Introducing British friends to the wonders of the skillet cookie and the intricacies of the Southern drawl. (3) Hiding Union Jacks in the most charming places. (4) Yielding a rainbow-colored bounty of produce for the farm shop shelves. (5) Afternoon tea straight from a perfect pink dream and the cutest pal to share it with. (6) Accidental hikes and stumbled-upon views that make an old park new again. (7) Bringing the best company and the best scone together in Surrey once more. (8) Evensong beneath the breathtaking dome of St. Paul's. (9) First meals in new dishes sent from my very favorite brother who has always believed I could set my own table. (10) #BritsInEnos... again. (11) A good sunset that became a great sunset when a sea breeze, a sister friend, and a full moon were added in. (12) The best surprise of 2015. (13) Grecian rainstorms. (14) Sunbathing and people watching at Primrose Hill. (15) Homemade pizza crust and quality time. (16) The dreamiest evening with Taylor... and 65,000 of our closest friends.

Let's do it again next year!

Love, Alex