Dear January



Thank you for…

(1) A camera roll full of glowy (stereotypical but nonetheless stunning) sunsets that come a little later every day, Hallelujah! (2) Teeny yellow flowers that open up during the day and close tight when it's dark. And manage to thrive in England's most neglected garden...mine. (3) Day trips to Oxford, Land of the Bicycle. (4) Beautiful winter light shining through chilly window panes and chances to thoroughly confuse the office receptionist by taking photos of said light. (5) Long layovers and dear friends and excuses to hang out on the South Bank and views that never fail to give me butterflies. (6) The feeling of being a bona fide female after completing my very first Pinterest craft.  (7) A missedchance to cross the street because bubbly clouds are worth staring at for another light cycle.  (8) Multitasking during Monday morning meetings and dreams of summertime swims. (9) Living in a place that provides ample opportunity to stumble upon thousand-year-old churches during Sunday afternoon walks.

Now tell me, what gifts did you receive this month?

Love, Alex